Newport News Circuit Court ruled on discovery matters in a patient fall suit, Shakshober v. Riverside Hospital, Inc., alleging medical malpractice and resulting brain injury. That was at contradictory hearing on February 9, 2009.

The primary sweep of the impending Discovery Order was disgorging from Riverside materials and of its Nursing Schools. Included were materials, other information and witnesses on Nursing School policies, procedures, protocols, presentations, and all teaching or instruction about patient falls.

Having its Nursing Schools’ material, information and testimony helps greatly in exposing the truth about what goes on vis-à-vis nursing error and holds Riverside to it. Evidence which otherwise arguably may not be introduced in a medical malpractice case when offered as that of the Riverside entity employing a substandard nurse, still may be admissible as that of Riverside’s Nursing Schools. Riverside Hosp., Inc. v. Johnson, 272 Va. 518, 528-530 (2006).

Secondarily, but importantly, the Discovery Order compels Riverside to tender appropriate corporate representatives for deposition. Riverside unfairly continues not to tender its most knowledgeable personnel for its deposition, which dodges patient fall and other medical malpractice victims pinning down the corporation in testimony.