On August 27, 2010, dailypress.com posted “Jury awards former Gloucester student $5 million” and “Assistant high school principal, assailant and his sister to pay award”. A jury in Circuit Court for Gloucester County, Virginia, awarded $6,100,000.00 to a brain injury victim after deliberating only 2 ½ hours in the “no offer” case is Gagnon v. Burns, No. CL08-572.

The jury award in Gagnon was for 1,250,000.00 against Travis Burns, Assistant Principal at Gloucester High School; $3,250,000.00 against James S. Newsome, Jr., the attacking GHS student; and $500,000.00 against Christine D. Newsome, an instigating GHS student who is the assailant’s older sister. The jury award also included $1,100,000.00 in pre-judgment interest for the brain injury Plaintiff.

Another student, Shannon Diaz, had warned Assistant Principal Burns of the impending altercation; and the Assistant Principal assured he would notify security, but then did absolutely nothing. Two hours later, after being egged on by his sister, the assailant inGagnon sucker-punched the victim, who thereby was staggered into a brick pillar, hit his head, and suffered permanent brain injury and other traumatic damages.