On October 29, 2010, Mr. Waterman escorts his youngest daughter, Elizabeth T. Waterman, to the black-tie Gala Reception and Banquet of The John Marshall Foundation in Richmond, Virginia. There its 3rd John Marshall Medal in Law is awarded to the Honorable Harry I. Carrico, former Chief Justice and current Senior Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

The John Marshall Foundation sponsors educational and public interest programs and activities, as well as supports site preservation, related to Virginian John Marshall, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The Foundation is on the web at johnmarshallfoundation.org.

Coincidentally, October 29th is Mr. Waterman’s 53rd birthday. His daughter and he round out their celebration during October 30th-31st, attending Family Weekend at Virginia Tech, where his youngest son, Christian T. Waterman, is a freshman.