On May 25, 2018, pursuant to 5/7/18 Hearing Order entered on May 18, 2018, nursing home Williamsburg Landing, Inc. belated produced a whopping 573 pages of key medical records and papers pertaining to its deceased resident patient, most of which it wrongfully had withheld in the pending medical malpractice lawsuit for wrongful death by patient fall, Scruggs v. Williamsburg Landing, Inc., No. CL17-857 in Circuit Court for the City of Williamsburg and James City County, Virginia.  The factual health care materials previously kept secret by Williamsburg Landing, Inc. in Scruggs include the following telltale documents:1 photograph, incident reports, 8 witness statements, 4 witness interviews, 2 employee disciplinary notices, 1 employee termination notice, notes, and complaint forms, emails, telefaxes, and other production to Virginia’s Department of Health Professions.  In Scruggs, Williamsburg Landing, Inc. was paid about $600,000.00 to provide nursing home care for its resident patient victim, who was injured by it multiple times upon internal transfers and who ultimately was dropped on her back from four (4) feet in the air and died a week later.