On May 4, 2015, Virginia Lawyers Weekly headlined “Judges open new doors for patients in hospital lawsuits,” subtitled “Newport News judges have been giving patients new access to hospital data – both medical and business records – in connection with their medical malpractice lawsuits”. The article focuses on Mr. Waterman’s alleged wrongful death case, Rauchfuss v. Schultz, No. CL13-02754V-04, and his patient fall case, Peck v. Riverside, No. CL1400873V-04.

Although Virginia Lawyers Weekly highlighted that Rauchfuss and Peck were pending in Newport News, actually Mr. Waterman has obtained related favorable discovery rulings in his other medical malpractice suits in York, Norfolk, and Portsmouth within the past 2 months. They are the alleged wrongful death nursing home case of Snovell v. Williamsburg Facility Operations, LLC, the alleged wrongful death patient fall case of Talton v. Sentara Hospitals, and the surgery case of Ruth v. Ramirez, respectively.