On October 5, 2017, Norfolk Circuit Court granted Mr. Waterman’s Motion to Compel in the wrongful death case of Wilder v. CHKD, No. CL16008482-00. It required Defendant, Children’s Surgical Specialty Group, to answer under oath which of its attending surgeons – Dr. Frantz, the admitting/operating pediatric surgeon, and/or Dr. Kuhn, the call/covering pediatric surgeon – had primary or secondary responsibility while both were on active on the now-deceased infant patient’s case.

In Wilder, Defendant CSSG discharged the 6 year-old from CHKD with instructions not to return for follow-up for fifteen (15) days – but within 4 ½ hours of actual discharge, the infant had stopped breathing and was unresponsive; and 4 hours after that was dead on the emergency operating table. Hence the Wilder medical malpractice lawsuit seeks $10,000,000.00 in damages, plus pre-judgment interest, for the surviving parents and numerous siblings.