By Order entered September 28, 2018, Circuit Court for Northampton County, Virginia, “finds that Plaintiff’s designations with regard to three different experts in two different specialties [two nurse experts and Dr. Chesler] to testify as to standard of care with respect to that required of a skilled nursing facility is not cumulative or repetitive. Id. at 1. The medical malpractice case for wrongful death is Terry v. American Healthcare X, LLC t/a Heritage Hall – Nassawadox, No. CL17-106.

Terry also overruled Defendant’s Motion in Limine to exclude opinions on nursing standard of care by Dr. Chesler, the medical director of several nursing homes. Id. at 2. Additionally, Terry overruled Defendant’s Motion in Limine to strike the opinions of Dr. Chesler and Dr. O’Neil about the patient’s pre-existing medical condition, rehabilitation potential, and cause of death.