On July 20, 2017, a jury awarded a medical malpractice victim $2,100,000.00 plus pre-judgement interest against an orthopaedic surgeon in Smart v. OrthoVirginia and Christopher Kim, M.D., No. CL16-2946 in Richmond Circuit Court. The 35 year-old Plaintiff ended up with a dysfunctional leg as a result of substandard orthopaedic care after her ER overnight admission.

More particularly in Smart, the victim was hospitalized for the tibial plateau fracture and knee dislocation that she suffered in a trampoline accident. Despite documented decreasing pulses in the foot of her injured leg, however, the orthopaedic surgeon failed to reevaluate his patient – indeed, failed even to review her chart – before discharge home.

Due to unbearable pain the next day, the Smart patient went to VCU instead of the same orthopaedic surgeon, and was diagnosed with compartment syndrome and occluded popliteal artery. She had to be hospitalized for 46 days, undergo 18 painful debridements, and undergo various revascularization procedures – which left her with a useless leg nonetheless.