Virginia: Nursing Homes – a Lawyer’s WLI

Virginia: Nursing Homes – a Lawyer’s WLI

On April 15, 2016, a resident patient of Woodhaven Hall at Williamsburg Landing, Inc. (“WLI”) was dropped 4 feet from a hoyer lift onto her hard nursing home bedroom floor by WLI’s nurse’s aide, and died from her fall-related injuries there 8 days later. In its mandatory reporting of its fall incident to the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Licensure and Inspection, WLI by its Director of Nursing materially misrepresented the nature and extent of its victim’s fall-related injuries.

First, WLI falsely claimed that its offending nurse’s aide supposedly was “able to cradle [the resident patient’s] head before it could have impacted the floor”. In truth, WLI’s offending nurse’s aide admitted under oath that she was not able to stop the victim’s head from hitting the floor.

Second, WLI’s Director of Nursing claimed that “no acute orthopedic injuries were sustained,” and that the resident patient only sustained “two small skin tears to her upper extremities”. In truth, WLI’s contemporaneous x-rays of the victim does not show that, and were not even reported as showing that.

The victim’s family has filed companion wrongful death lawsuits for WLI’s multi-faceted medical malpractice in Circuit Court for the City of Williamsburg and James City County, Virginia, Scruggs v. Williamsburg Landing, Inc., Nos. CL17000857-00 and CL18001644-00. Stay tuned for more developments.